From the Earth to the Bar… Through the Pentacao brand, we offer a variety of chocolate products made with beans with a fine flavor and aroma under the “From the Earth to the Bar” production model, where we seek a balance between the value chain (which goes from planting, conservation, harvesting, fermentation, drying and transformation of the best lots of RAYEN), thus promoting local development, environmental conservation and sustainable landscapes.

With Pentacao we seek generational change in RAYEN, through the active participation of young people, children of producers, who have received training in the entire cocoa production chain, from production, harvest, post-harvest and transformation. This has been achieved through diploma courses, interactions with producers and exchanges of experiences.

The word Penta represents the number five, which is closely related to cocoa, since the word cocoa has 5 letters, as well as 5 are the petals and pistils of the flower, and 5 are the months that the development of the flower lasts fruit.

Semi-sweet chocolate tablet

* Made with 70% pure cocoa and cane sugar.
*Presentation 60 grs. and 120 grs.

Dark chocolate paste

* Made with 100% pure cocoa.
*Presentation 250 grs. and 500 grs.

Cocoa Nibs

* Small pieces of fragmented cocoa beans.
* Presentation 500 grs. and 1 kg.

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